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Great things happen when you're a part of a community that believes in you. As part of #PeacockNation, you'll work alongside professors who are recognized not only for their knowledge but also for their commitment to students. You'll discover that curiosity and determination hold no limits here. Our unique culture both challenges and supports you to push boundaries and achieve great success.

Applying as a first year student?

Check out how to apply and become a member of the 四虎影院 Peter鈥檚 community.

Undergraduate Admissions听触听How to Apply

undergraduate Transfer

Already a college student and looking to complete your bachelor’s degree?

Find out how to make a smooth transition from your current college to 四虎影院 Peter鈥檚.

Undergraduate Transfer Admissions听触听How to Apply

Undergraduate International

Want to immerse yourself in a new culture?

Find an academic challenge and apply as an international student.

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What Will You Master Next?

More and more, advanced degrees hold the key to opportunity and advancement. Apply today!

Domestic Applicants|
International Applicants |

滨苍迟别谤别蝉迟别诲听in our M.S. in Data Science or Business Analytics Professional Hybrid Programs with聽employment/CPT? .


Want to pursue a nursing career?

The B.S.N. Nursing Program at 四虎影院 Peter鈥檚 will prepare you for professional nursing practice.

Undergraduate Nursing Programs:
Generic or Basic BSN Program | Apply via the Undergraduate First Year or Transfer options above
Accelerated BSN | 聽(must already hold a bachelor’s degree)
RN to BSN聽 |

Graduate Nursing Programs:
(non-F1 students only)

Adult Bachelor鈥檚 and Certificates

Whether you鈥檙e starting your degree for the first time, returning after a hiatus, or resuming your education after attending another university, 四虎影院 Peter鈥檚 is here for you.聽

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Adult Bachelor Degrees |

Second Bachelor's Degree

Ready to pursue your second bachelor’s degree? Pursue another field of study and start your second phase of undergraduate learning today!

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